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The Company


Brewer Engineering Consultants is a full-service mechanical & electrical consulting firm offering a wide range of mechanical & electrical design expertise.  With experience in commercial office spaces, restaurants, retail spaces, industrial complexes, and agri-industrial process systems, we offer analysis and design assistance for most mechanical and electrical applications.


Several forms of service are available to accommodate most customers:

Consulting - Brewer Engineering is available for consultation on an hourly, cost plus, lump sum contract, or percentage of project cost basis.  Custom arrangements are available to meet clients' needs that don't fit  any of these categories.

Design-build- Brewer Engineering offers design-build arrangements, ranging from scope development to full plan and specification preparation.  We specialize and excel in design-build construction, where tight schedules must be met to coordinate design and construction phases.

Partnering- Brewer Engineering is available for partner arrangements with other engineering consultants.


Our Mission


Our sole purpose is to design innovative, efficient, and reliable mechanical and electrical solutions that are effectively integrated into each building or space resulting in the optimal environment for its intended purpose. 


We believe asking the right questions and actively listening to understand the needs of our customers allows us to provide information, ideas, and options early and throughout the design process, making it easier for customers to obtain the optimal results within their time and budget guidelines.


As a result, our customers will benefit from systems that are properly integrated, operate economically, reduce maintenance needs and ultimately increase the productivity and comfort levels of the people who make use of these systems and environments.



Our Vision


We're not in the business of making money.  We're in the business of meeting the needs of our customers by using our engineering skills and talents.  We recognize the need to make a fair profit so that we can pay for our expenses, train our team, invest in technology, and weather challenging times.


Quality and Integrity... Always.

Business Address:

905 Washington Ave SE | Bondurant, Iowa 50035 | 515-957-8806

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