Process and Plant

Brewer Engineering Consultants has the capability to analyze or design your process mechanical and plant utilities.  Process mechanical systems can be a challenge to design properly, but we have the skills and experience to engineer a quality solution for you.
We offer the following process and plant engineering services:

Process liquid system design - Automated receiving, liquid storage, variable speed and positive displacement pumping, heat tracing, hot water generation, metered application, and heat recovery

Steam and condensate system design - Boiler plants, distribution systems, steam tracing, heat exchangers, jacketed storage, condensate recovery, and water tempering systems

Process HVAC system design - Space and process heating, humidification, space pressurization, dust collection, moisture removal, heat recovery, and tempered make-up air

Plant utility design - Compressed air systems, natural gas distribution, hot and chilled water loops, steam distribution, and clean-up water systems

System analysis - Process air balances, heating/cooling load calculations, expansion planning, capacity determination, and performance analysis
With our experience and skills, Brewer Engineering Consultants can design economical, maintainable process mechanical and plant utilities for your project.